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Check out all six episodes of Zebratron's Popular Operators.

Dance of the Blood Goblins - Episode #6
Zebratron encounters an enchanting trio of dancing merrymakers but is in for grisly surprise! Featuring dancing by Matthew Von MeeZee.

The Microcosm - Episode #5
In a spate of playfulness, Zebratron unlocks a hidden world.

The Fantastic Messenger - Episode #4
Whispered knowledge is ignored giving Peppermon the means to confuse.

The Pizza Stranger - Episode #3
A pizza stranger premonition triggers a cross dimensional power transfer.

Mysterious Swantar - Episode #2
Zebratron encounters a mystical swan and challenges its recursive emptiness.

The Brainfruit of Destiny - Episode #1
The essence of Zebratron and Hambert fuse to reveal a precious gem know as "The Brainfruit of Destiny".

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